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100 books to read in a lifetime : my Goodreads challenge

May 20, 2018

Today I stray from my usual topic, the Bullet Journal, to talk about my second passion in life, books. More precisely, I want to present you the list of 100 books you must read in your lifetime, from Goodreads.

But first, do you know the website Goodreads? (By the way, this post is not sponsored by Goodreads) I, myself, have only recently discovered this website, and I really don’t understand how come I didn’t know about it. Goodreads is a social media for people who like to read (Hello!).

What is Goodreads?

On the website, you can loom through book reviews, learn more about the authors by clicking on their profile, and share what you have read in the past and what you are currently reading. By linking your Facebook account, you can even see what your friends are currently reading, have read and are recommending.

Based on your reading history, Goodreads also presents you with some recommendations for new books you might like to read. There are also articles to read on their blog, reading lists, etc, basically, a bunch of interesting things for people that love to read.

And, among other things, you can find the list of 100 books to read in a lifetime, as voted by the members of Goodreads. I stumbled upon this list a few weeks ago, and since then, it stayed at the back of my mind. Click here to go to the list on Goodreads, or keep reading!

My score

I saw this list as a challenge. A reading challenge. What was my score out of a 100?

I counted 25 (thanks mostly to high school). As I am writing these lines, I am 26 years old. So, 25 books in twenty-six years. That’s not so bad, but not that good either.

As such, I decided to give myself a challenge, and you are all my witnesses: I want to get to 50/100 before my thirtieth birthday. I know this isn’t the hardest challenge. However, I must be realist: I know I’m going to want to read other books that are not on the list throughout, so I’m giving myself some “room to maneuver”.

In my Bullet Journal

You’ll have guessed it, I couldn’t totally put away my Bullet Journal for this. I wanted to have a version of this list with me. Here’s the spread I did in my Bullet Journal:

goodreads 100 books lifetime
Goodreads’ 100 books to read in a lifetime, #1-63
goodreads lifetime books challenge
Goodreads’ 100 books to read in a lifetime, #64-100, as well as a page to write my progress in my challenge of 50 books before 30.


So, what’s YOUR score? How many books from the list have you read already? Let me know in the comments below! Will you challenge yourself too? 😉

Until next time!



goodreads 100 books read lifetime

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  1. I noticed when I went to the link that there are several thousand books on the list. Out of curiosity, did you choose pick the top 100 and count that? Or did you go through the first several hundred and create your own list?

    1. I picked the top 100 ones. 🙂 People voted so that’s why there are thousands and thousands of books, but I really picked the first 100, which were voted the top books to read in a lifetime! 🙂

  2. I love Goodreads and I also have a list in my Bujo. But I’m a mood reader and can’t pick out so many books in advance that I want to read in the month. I like to pick a book I feel the mood for that time 🙂

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