What is a Bullet Journal?

Basically, anything you want.

In fact, it is a mix between a planner, an agenda and a personal journal.

Bullet Journal is an organisational system invented by Ryder Carroll (of www.bulletjournal.com). The main idea is to use your journal to write down quickly and efficiently what is important. Mr Carroll created a minimalist legend to use in your journal.

As for the tools you need? Any notebook and a pen will do.

However, even though Mr Carroll’s system is in place for bullet journaling, there is nothing forcing you to use it. For what is great about the Bullet Journal: it is versatile. It can be whatever you want.

In this Blog, I plan to share my ideas on how to organize your life while being creative through the Bullet Journal system.

I am always available to answer questions or have a discussion via e-mail or PM on Instagram. 🙂

Til next time!