Bullet Journal: How to find your style

Like your clothing style, your personality and personal preferences will stand out in your Bullet Journal. Indeed, the idea of the Bullet Journal is to use an empty notebook and to mold it into the planner or diary that fits your needs.

We can’t deny it: the Bullet Journal community is huge. Sharing your creations on Instagram, on blogs, on YouTube has never been this popular. For someone who is new to the community and is just starting up, it can be intimidating to see all those posts with ideas more fantastic than the other. There are some posts with pages filled with beautiful drawings, others more simple but just as pretty. To each his own!

What are the different styles?

Most new Bullet Journal users’ first step is searching for ideas and inspiration through Instagram and Pinterest. I, myself, did my research when I first embarked on this Bullet Journal journey.

I found there were two different styles that stood out most, one on each side of the spectrum, at opposite ends, with all the other styles somewhere in between. I named those two main styles the “artistic” style and the “minimalistic” style.

The artistic style features a lot of drawings, lettering and various colors in your Bullet Journal. Basically, little pieces of art on every page. I also include in this category the use of banners and headers hand-drawn to decorate the pages. I am in awe of this style, as it is most often very complex and time consuming to get to the final product. However, I eventually concluded that this style, or a style somewhere close to it, was not for me (more about this later).

On the other side of the spectrum, the minimalist style features breathy and pretty pages, which only include the essential. This style encourages beauty through simplicity, and the pages are usually black and white, or with very little color.

The two styles have their strengths and their weaknesses, and they will be chosen accordingly by different types of people. However, a big percentage of Bullet Journal users will be found somewhere between the two styles.

How to find my own style?

To find your very own style, you will need to figure out certain details: what you need your Bullet Journal for, your abilities and your will.

My personal recommendation to find your own style: go with the flow. Try whatever you want in your Bullet Journal, whatever strikes your fancy, and through using your BuJo for a while, your style will appear on its own. You will realise you don’t like something that you’ve been doing, or, on the contrary, you adore this idea that you’ve had.

I found my style that way. If you check out “older” pictures on my Instagram account, you’ll see that I was toying a bit more with the artistic style. I used a lot of colors and banners to decorate my pages. Eventually, though I still found the artistic style amazing and beautiful, I realized it was not for me. I did not have as much time anymore for the preparation of my Bullet Journal.

I wanted an efficient, but pretty, style. Therefore, I got closer to the minimalist side of the spectrum (without being a 100% minimalist Bullet Journal-er). Ultimately, I came up with my own style for my Daily, Weekly and Monthly logs. Here is an example of my evolution.

To conclude…

To each its own style!

Are you more on the artistic side of the spectrum, or the minimalist one?

Till next time!


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