Bullet Journal: Who is it for?

Bullet Journaling, is it for you? Who should have a Bullet Journal?

The Bullet Journal system is for many types of people: it’s for those who love to write lists; who use an agenda; who write everything, and I mean, everything; who have a really bad memory; who love to buy and fill up notebooks and journals; who have just discovered their artistic side or who always had one; who are inspired; who used to write a diary; who lead a busy life, but who also have free time; and finally, the Bullet Journal is for those who recognize themselves in or more of these categories!

So many reasons to start!

One of the reasons I started using a Bullet Journal was that I loved writing lists. Lists about books I want to read, movies I want to go see in theaters, the different places I want to travel to throughout my life (aka everywhere), and, certainly, the tasks I want to accomplish on a given day.

I also used an agenda to write down my work schedule, my appointments and my planned activities. Sadly, most types of agendas don’t have many pages to write freely to record what you want.

Lastly, always near my computer, I kept a small notebook where I wrote down my usernames and my passwords for my different websites, apps and accounts.

So there I am, in my so-called organized life, spread out in at least three different notebooks. And that’s not counting the dozens of quick notes on my cellphone…

Bullet Journal: A miracle fix?

I am not saying that using a Bullet Journal is a miracle fix to become organized.

But it is certainly more efficient to have all your information at the same place.

What do you think? Anybody else like me who has a collection of notebooks?

Till next time!


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