Bullet Journaling for students, Part 2: Studying, homework and projects

Bullet journal students part 2

Welcome to this second part of the “Bullet Journaling for students” series. Hopefully, your start of the school year went smoothly!

Now that the semester has very much begun, I thought it would be an ideal time to present you more ideas of pages in your Bullet Journal, to help you be more organized during the school year. I will give you some tips and designs to continue to be organized throughout the semester, with your Bullet Journal for students.

Studying must already be quite necessary to avoid falling behind, and maybe there is already homework due. As such, the topic of this second part of the series is: studying, homework and projects.

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Mid-term and final exams

Usually, as soon as the first class, professors announce the mid-term and final exams dates. So, as soon as the first week of the semester, and sometimes even before, it is possible to fill up this page.

This page gives you an overview of how your exams are spread out throughout the semester, even before you set up your Monthly and Weekly logs. You can even use this page as a reference when you are doing your Monthly and Weekly preparation, to make sure you write down when you have an exam during the month.

exams student bullet journal
The “Exams” spread, to write down mid-term and final exams dates.

I have created a simple spread when you can jot down the date of the exams, what they are worth on your final grade, and where you will be taking them (the classroom #), for each class. I refer to this “Exams” page to set up the next page that I am showing you in this post.

Overview of homework, projects and exams

As I mentioned in Part 1 of the series, I have created a page where you can see all the projects and homework, and their due date, in the coming month.

That way, it is easy to see when a due date is approaching, or when a given week is particularly busy. With that information, you can better plan out your time between going to your classes, studying and working on a project.

I also thought important to write the mid-term and final exams dates on this page, for the same reason as above: to better plan your time between studying for the coming exam(s) and doing homework.

overview semester exams student bullet journal
Overview of the homework and projects due to hand in, as well as exams, for the month of September (example). The left column is the day of the month, and the horizontal lines divide each week for clarity.

I really think this page, with the weekly schedule from Part 1, is the most important page for an efficient and well-planned semester. These two pages together allows us to plan every week accordingly, depending on the studying needed, the homework to hand in, the notes to rewrite, etc.

In Part 3 of the series (coming soon), I will show you different ways to adapt your Weekly or Daily log, according to your schedule and your study plans.

Group projects

This last page is simple too, but quite important. Some classes require to hand in group projects. These group projects are sometimes harder to complete than projects you do by yourself, because they demand a good coordination with the other members of the team.

As such, I created a page to write down precisely what the project entails, the due date, as well as the name, e-mail address and roles of the other members of your team.

I think that figuring out the roles of each and every group member from the beginning is very important. This way, all the group members can work on their part of the project at their own rhythm, since everybody’s schedule is different. At the same time, everyone knows what the group expects of them.

Also, having each other’s contact information can be quite useful, if need arise to quickly communicate with the other members.

group projects student bullet journal
Example of a page to write down sensible group information, such as their contact information and their roles.

This is what concludes the Part 2 of the series “Bullet Journaling for students”. I hope my page ideas will inspire you and help you be more organised throughout the semester, with the help of your Bullet Journal.

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions to leave them in the comments below! And tell me, do you use a Bullet Journal to organise your school year?

Until next time!


Did you like the spreads that you saw? Here’s what I used to make them:

bullet journal students part 2


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  2. Toni Rose says:

    I love bullet journaling, but I rarely ever use it for school! These were great tips, thanks!

  3. I really enjoyed reading. It was to the point but chock full of useful tips

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