Update : NaNoWriMo and January 2019

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Welcome to this brief update post! Here it is: I haven’t been very productive in the last two weeks. Those who follow me on my Facebook page and on Instagram may have noticed that I haven’t posted much lately. I was in a bit of a productivity slump, maybe because the sun sets so early these days and we’ve been having record-breaking mid-winter temperatures in November. Anyway, I haven’t worked on this blog and on my Bullet Journal as much as I wanted to in the last weeks of November. As such, I had sadly no post planned for this …

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One-year anniversary: Lookback at the first year of the blog

One year ago, September 1st, 2017, I was launching this blog. I was apprehensive, shy, embarrassed, I really didn’t want to do this but at the same, really wanted to… In the end, I did launch my blog and put myself out there. And today, I don’t regret anything. I have learned a lot since the beginning: I find I write better articles, the pictures I take are getting nicer all the time, and I even have more and more ideas for posts. So, first and foremost, I wanted to thank you, you who are reading me, for being there. …

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