Bullet Journaling for students, Part 3: Student life

bullet journal students 3

Welcome to the third and final part of the series “Bullet Journaling for students”! In this third installment, I want to tackle the every-day student life organization. Though school, classes and exams are a big part of what occupies a student’s time, there are other elements to take into consideration. Many students work part-time jobs during their studies. As such, they have to juggle their classes, studying, homework, a budget, etc. Through all of this, they also have to do their grocery shopping and cook, in order to eat. In this post, I want to show the usefulness of the …

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Bullet Journaling for students, Part 2: Studying, homework and projects

Bullet journal students part 2

Welcome to this second part of the “Bullet Journaling for students” series. Hopefully, your start of the school year went smoothly! Now that the semester has very much begun, I thought it would be an ideal time to present you more ideas of pages in your Bullet Journal, to help you be more organized during the school year. I will give you some tips and designs to continue to be organized throughout the semester, with your Bullet Journal for students. Studying must already be quite necessary to avoid falling behind, and maybe there is already homework due. As such, the …

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Bullet Journaling for students, Part 1: Planning the semester

bullet journaling students

Today, I am writing to the students out there and all those who are in a learning process. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but school is right around the corner again. For students, August quickly changes to September, and off to school they go. But don’t worry! I have some tips and tricks for you to start the semester on the right track (the organized track), with the help of your Bullet Journal, Student Edition. I, myself, am currently not attending school, but back when I was, I used a regular school-year-type planner to organize …

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Top 10 best collections to have in your Bullet Journal

top 10 meilleures collections bullet journal

One of the things I like the most in my Bullet Journal are the collections. I love making lists, about anything, so to be able to include my collections throughout my everyday planner is like a dream come true (I’m not even exaggerating that much). Obviously, everyone is unique, and we don’t have the same taste for the collections we want to include in our Bullet Journal. Still, I came up with a list, that I think are the most popular and most useful collections to have in your Bullet Journal. If you are still unsure about what collections are, …

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How to organize your spring cleaning in your Bullet Journal

Spring is officially here: it’s time for Spring Cleaning! Here’s how to organize your Spring Cleaning in your Bullet Journal! For some, spring cleaning is not necessary: their home is already maintained due to their thorough cleaning every month, and even, every week. For those people, spring cleaning can be the time to, for example, pull out their outdoor summer appliances (for those of us living in four-season countries) or stow away winter clothing until next fall. Otherwise, their spring cleaning is pretty much the usual cleaning. For others, whose weekly cleaning is kept to the bare minimum due to …

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Collections in your Bullet Journal: what are they?

So, you’ve started your new Bullet Journal. You did the basics first: you’ve included an index, a Future log, a Monthly log, and your Daily logs, all the things you need to be on your way to a more organized life. But the Bullet Journal isn’t used only as an agenda. Come into play: collections. Collections: what are they? Collections are not part of the usual daily planning: however, they can add to it nicely. Collections are unique entries, on a separate page, to write down and follow a project or a long-term goal. They are, for example, to-do lists …

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