The 5 book releases of May 2019 not to be missed!

The 5 book releases of May 2019 not to be missed! | Petite Mélanie Here are 5 book ideas for May 2019. Looking for your next read? Look no further! Nonfiction, suspense, mystery, science fiction, fiction, a book for all taste!

Happy first week of May! This week, I want to present you 5 book releases of May 2019 not to be missed!

Spring has arrived, which means that summer is on its way too (at least I hope so!)

For me, summer is all about reading books out in the sun. That’s why I wanted to show you more books that will be released soon: I want to make sure that you have something to read this summer, while out lying in the sun!

Whether Fiction, Science Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Nonfiction: all the books presented here will be released in May.

Without further ado, here are the 5 books not to be missed in May 2019!

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May 1st – One Word Kill by Mark Lawrence

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 204

Publisher: 47North

In the same week of 1986, the life of Nick Hayes, a 15-year-old genius, changes dramatically.

Nick learns that he’s probably suffering from a terminal illness; a new girl, Mia, joins his group of Dungeons & Dragons; and a mysterious man, seeming to possess impossible abilities, begins to follow him. Not to mention that according to the mysterious, Mia is in serious danger, although she doesn’t know it yet.

Nick enters a race against time to save his friend, all the while fighting his illness, a crazy man and the laws of physics. Challenge accepted.

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May 7th – The Last Time I Saw You by Liv Constantine

Genre: Suspense & Thriller

Pages: 313

Publisher: Harper

Dr. Kate English has everything going on for her: she’s the heiress to a huge fortune and lives in a beautiful house with her gorgeous husband and daughter.

But everything changes when her mother is brutally murdered. Heartbroken, Kate reaches out to her best friend, Blaire Barrington, whom she hasn’t seen for several years. Despite the distance that has settled between the two women, Blaire runs to her friend’s side for the funeral.

The same evening, Kate receives a threatening text message from her mother’s killer and understands that she is next. Her friend Blaire quickly decides to investigate herself and quickly discovers that everything is not perfect in the high society of Baltimore. Lies, infidelities, betrayals are exposed while Blaire seeks the murderer. He could be anyone, friend, family, lover … one thing is certain, Kate is next on his list.

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May 14th – A Perfect Lie by Lisa Renee Jones

Genre: Suspense

Pages: 295

Publisher: Julie Patra Publishing

Hailey Anne Monroe is 28-years old, and an artist. Growing up, she wasn’t allowed to do many normal things, such as having friends and going to parties. That’s because Hailey was the daughter of Thomas Frank Monroe, the man who almost became President of the United States. But her father is dead now, and this is Hailey’s story.

A story of suspense, mystery, lies, secrets. And a man. There’s always a man.

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May 21st – The Favorite Daughter by Kaira Rouda

Genre: Suspense & Thriller

Pages: 368

Publisher: Graydon House

A year ago, Jane’s eldest daughter, Mary, died in a tragic accident. Since then, Jane is overwhelmed by grief: she constantly takes anti-depressants to feel nothing and barely ever leaves her beautiful house in sunny California.

But it’s time for Jane to take back her life. Jane’s husband, David, has organized a memorial for their daughter, and three days later, their youngest daughter, Betsy, is graduating from high school. As Jane tries to reclaim her place in her household, she soon realizes that her family has changed without her. Her husband works very long hours at the office, and Betsy seems to be hiding things from her.

As for Mary, her kind girl … is it possible that someone knows more about her death than they say?

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May 28th – Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered by K. Kilgariff & G. Hardstark

Genre: Nonfiction

Pages: 304

Publisher: Forge Books

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are the voices behind the popular Podcast My Favorite Murder. In this biography, Karen and Georgia share never-told stories, such as their struggles with depression, eating disorders, addiction, and their biggest fears and mistakes.

Karen and Georgia also share some wisdom, as they preach prioritizing personal safety over being “nice” or “helpful”. They recount stories of their own past, True Crime stories, and more, to discuss the issues of today’s society and they do it with empathy and honesty.

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That’s it! Don’t miss these 5 book releases of May 2019!

Any of these books interest you? Let me know in the comments below!

Personally, I recently discovered the Podcast My Favorite Murder and I love it! As such, I can’t wait to read the biography of Karen and Georgia.

Until next time!

The 5 book releases of May 2019 not to be missed! | Petite Mélanie Here are 5 book ideas for May 2019. Looking for your next read? Look no further! Nonfiction, suspense, mystery, science fiction, fiction, a book for all taste!


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