Good Girls Lie by J. T. Ellison | ARC Review

Good Girls Lie, a novel about school girls, family tragedy, forbidden affairs, secret societies and murder... Read more to find out why I gave Good Girls Lie 3 stars!

Good Girls Lie

Author: J. T. Ellison

Publisher: MIRA

Release date: December 30th, 2019

Pages: 464

Genre: Suspense, Thriller

Rating: ★★★

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Goode girls don’t lie…

Perched atop a hill in the tiny town of Marchburg, Virginia, The Goode School is a prestigious prep school known as a Silent Ivy. The boarding school of choice for daughters of the rich and influential, it accepts only the best and the brightest. Its elite status, long-held traditions and honor code are ideal for preparing exceptional young women for brilliant futures at Ivy League universities and beyond. But a stranger has come to Goode, and this ivy has turned poisonous.

In a world where appearances are everything, as long as students pretend to follow the rules, no one questions the cruelties of the secret societies or the dubious behavior of the privileged young women who expect to get away with murder. But when a popular student is found dead, the truth cannot be ignored. Rumors suggest she was struggling with a secret that drove her to suicide.

But look closely…because there are truths and there are lies, and then there is everything that really happened.

Why did I choose to read Good Girls Lie?

As mentioned above, this ARC was kindly sent to me via in exchange for an honest review. I requested Good Girls Lie on NetGalley because the story intrigued me, but mostly, because the cover was pretty.

If you know me, you know I love a good thriller. Add in the college-like setting and the secret societies, and I’m definitely interested. Read on to find out what I thought of Good Girls Lie.

What did I think of Good Girls Lie?

This one was a bit difficult to get into… but once you’re past the first 1/3rd of the book, the action picks up and Good Girls Lie is hard to put down!

This book had plenty of potential: an intriguing setting, all-girl school drama, secret societies and murder. However, the “big reveal” or the “big twist” of the story was easy to figure out as it was hinted at quite early on in the novel.

Back to the setting: I quite enjoyed the boarding school setting. Though it was sometimes hard to remember the girls are only in High School, as it had a more of a college feel (drugs, alcohol, parties, sorority-like secret societies, etc). Also, some of the rules were hard to believe, as a reader: such as, the no-cellphone-allowed-on-campus rule. A No-Cellphone rule during class would be easy to get behind, but cellphones not even allowed on school grounds, in this day and age, is simply unfathomable. Especially since kids are away from their parents during the whole school term.

There were many narrators and I particularly enjoyed Dean Westhaven’s point of view. She is an interesting character, with many facets of her personality, that make her easy to relate to. The main character though, Ash, sometimes feels a little cold and shallow. Her personality is harder to empathize with.

As I mentioned earlier, the first 30% of the novel was difficult to get into. I sometimes felt like it dragged on a bit too much. Once the action picks up, however, I devoured the rest of the novel quickly. The ending was also a bit disappointing, no huge twist that I hadn’t seen coming.

All in all, I give Good Girls Lie 3 stars, for the action-packed second half of the novel, and for the setting, which I enjoyed imagining.

If you feel like this novel could be up your alley, with all of its High School girl drama and lust and murders, then check it out here.

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Good Girls Lie, a novel about school girls, family tragedy, forbidden affairs, secret societies and murder... Read more to find out why I gave Good Girls Lie 3 stars!


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