How the Bullet Journal changed my life

When I stumbled up the Bullet Journal and its system, it changed my life. I had always loved making lists, and planners, and so I found a new passion. One day, I was just mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I came upon a video showing a simplified version of the Bullet Journal. I did some more research and that’s how I discovered the Bullet Journal, the system and the community. I was immediately enchanted.

Without further ado, here are the different ways the Bullet Journal changed my life.

1. Better organization

That goes without saying: a Bullet Journal helps you be more organized with its simple and efficient system. Ever since I started using a Bullet Journal, I’ve become more ordered in many aspects of my life, personal like professional.

I take some time to plan my weeks, my months, in my Bullet Journal, which forces me to think and write down everything I need: my appointments, important information, my work shifts, random thoughts I don’t want to lose, what I have left to do in my weekly tasks, etc. Also, importantly, I write down everything in the same journal, which makes it easy to trace back if needed.

2. Everything in one journal

Speaking of writing down everything in the same journal, I thought this particular point needed a special mention. I’ve always loved all things stationery, notebooks, journals, notepads, sketchbooks, basically anything with pages to write on. What didn’t help me however, is that I was using a notebook to write the lists of things I had to do, I was using an agenda for my appointments and work shifts, and in another notebook, I was writing a list of things I wanted to buy. Indeed, I was scattered.

But now, with the Bullet Journal, I can write everything at the same place! And, another advantage, there’s no chance I would lose this journal, since I use it for everything!

3. The Bullet Journal community

Upon embarking on this journey that is the Bullet Journal, I discovered the immense community that shared my passion. This community is very active on Instagram, but also on Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Many share their creations on social medias, and I, while being pretty shy, felt encouraged to do the same.

As such, I can thank the amazing Bullet Journal community that helped me come out of my shell!

4. Be less of a scatterbrain

Those who know me know that one of the reasons I like to write everything down is because, of course, I tend to forget everything. This feeling of having forgotten something, or even to realise you forgot something once it’s too late, is part of my daily life.

Meanwhile, my Bullet Journal, which is never far, allows me to write down everything I think of, before I forget them.

5. Rediscover an artistic side

Of course, the Bullet Journal’s main goal is to help us be more organized: however, it doesn’t mean our pages can’t be pretty!

To conclude

And so, this is how the Bullet Journal changed my life.

In truth, it hasn’t radically changed my life: in fact, it has simply organized and put together what I was already doing. This is why I think I’m going to keep a Bullet Journal for a long time: I now do more efficiently what I have been doing all my life.

I have always been a Bullet Journal-er, without knowing it.

I’d like to know how the Bullet Journal changed YOUR life. Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram. 🙂

Till next time !


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