How the Bullet Journal helped my anxiety

bullet journal anxiety

By Ariel Lee

I have lived with anxiety for most of my life.

However, I’ve also been incredibly good at masquerading it from others. For most of my life, when I’ve brought the topic up, people didn’t believe me. I come across as a very calm, put-together person. I typically tend to be the rock in the storm for others.

That persona however, is part of the symptom of my anxiety. Underneath that mask, I am more often than not a ball of twisted up stress and anxiety.

Having control over things is what helps me keep my anxiety in check. Being organized, lets me feel in control. It staves off the imposter syndrome. I lived as such for many years, whether it was through keeping my workspace incredibly organized, my home clean, or my entire outfit for the day planned out the night before – then I found Bullet Journaling.

Anxiety at work & the Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling is a process in which you take a notebook, and then organize everything you desire about your life. Appointments, due dates for blogs, meetings and far more are placed into this journal.

This concept, and the process of the Bullet Journal, has helped my anxiety immensely. I was often fearful that I would forget important deadlines, dates and appointments because I have an awful memory. Being able to have all of these things in a single place has eliminated my concerns.

When something new comes up, I flip to the date I need, write it in and continue on with my day. There is no more tedious tasks of pulling up my phone calendar, or grabbing a sticky note and hoping I don’t lose it until I find my phone. No more digital screens with tabs of to-do lists and meetings and more hiking up my anxiety because everything feels unorganized.

Bullet Journaling & everyday life

Even beyond work, Bullet Journaling has become a useful tool for me.

I have created several collections for myself, whereby I track books that I have read and want to read, TV shows I want to watch, movies, restaurants and much more. There are times I dreaded choosing what to watch next, because I was tired after a long day of work and the prospect of flipping through books or shows didn’t seem worth the hassle.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with deviating from your list, but often, I find that it has made relaxing after the end of a long day that much easier because I have already decided what I would like to watch, or read. Plus, it allows me to keep track of things I have already seen or read, and there’s no wasted time on trying to remember if I have.

The Bullet Journal & creativity

bullet journal anxiety
Ariel’s Bullet Journal allows her to get in touch with her creative side.

Another unique way that the Bullet Journal has helped my anxiety, has been by giving me a creative outlet.

Many people choose to keep their Bullet Journal aesthetic minimalist, though I personally enjoy being able to decorate it the way I desire. Choosing a monthly theme, and pasting in images, writing quotes and drawing, has allowed me a way to be creative that is different than what I usually do.

As a writer and graphic designer, I rarely did anything that was considered “crafty,” so this monthly sit-down has been a nice way of reflecting over the past month, and welcoming the new month in an innovative way.

Being able to stretch my creative muscles in such a manner also means that I enjoy each page that I have created. I’ve chosen things that resonate with me, and creates a bit of a safe haven in the form of a journal where I can jot down anything that comes to mind and free it from my thoughts.

Journaling in the Bullet Journal

Which brings me to the journaling aspect of Bullet Journaling. I often begin my day by thinking over the previous day, and writing a few sentences about the things I did, or how I felt about something that impacted me.

Having this moment in the morning before I dive into my hectic day of tasks has allowed me a more thoughtful approach to the rest of my time. I no longer feel as harried, or even as upset or anxious about something that happened, because I was able to take a moment, contemplate it, and move on.

Making myself stop and think, has also forced me to learn this habit for other areas of my life. When I approach a task, I break it down into parts and tackle them one by one, so that I can tick that off of my to-do list. It no longer feels as though I am trying to climb an insurmountable mountain.

It has also been an interesting process, tweaking my Bullet Journal for work. I have a few pages each month dedicated to a “brain dump,” that allows me to write out words, phrases or even doodles that come to mind about things.

When I’m feeling stumped, or have writer’s block, I often flip to those pages to find something. This has helped me significantly when it comes to plotting out social media posts, generating blog topics and other content. I no longer feel the end of the month’s desperate rush of trying to figure out what I’m going to create for my business.

In the end

Whether just one of these things would have impacted my anxiety, or simply the combination of all of the above, my stress has been reduced significantly.

The Bullet Journal has truly changed the way I approach my anxiety and my life, whether work or personal, and I no longer feel as though I am masquerading as a calm and put-together person.

I am a calm and put-together person, with a pink and silver notebook, and colorful pens.

Ariel Lee

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ariel lee author bullet journal anxietyWhere creativity, aesthetic and passion combine. Ariel is the one woman army behind Writing Bytes. Ariel is the one woman army behind Writing Bytes. She has been in marketing for nearly a decade, designing social media content, blogs, stunning images and far more. Her passion is in helping authors and small businesses step into the limelight with amazing content.

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How the Bullet Journal helped my anxiety | Petite Mélanie How the Bullet Journal helped with anxiety in many different aspects of life. Anxiety, stress. Work, personal, creativity. By Ariel Lee.



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