Men and the Bullet Journal: An interview | Petite Mélanie An interview with Mark behind the @MenWhoBullet account. Discussing whether there are less men who Bullet Journal than woman. And yes, men DO Bullet Journal!
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Men and the Bullet Journal: An interview

January 26, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I don’t often come across men who use a Bullet Journal. Let’s face it, the Bullet Journal online community is mainly dominated by the other sex. Which is surprising, because when you think about it, the Bullet Journal was invented by a man.

Yet, it seems like men who Bullet Journal are rare creatures.

There could be many reasons explaining this. To get better insight, I thought I would ask a man.

Here’s an interview with Mark Figueiredo, the man behind the Instagram account @MenWhoBullet.

Hey there! First, tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Mark, and I am from Maryland, in the United States. I am married, and my wife and I have 2 beautiful girls. My fulltime job is working as a Creative Manager for an internal creative agency. I am passionate about leadership and design program management, and I absolutely love going to work and being surrounded by other passionate and creative people.

How and when did you start Bullet Journaling?

I started Bullet Journaling in April 2017. That is when I started actually putting pen to paper. A good friend of mine told me about Ryder and his system a year or so before I ever began. After spending time actually reviewing and looking into how the Bullet Journal Method worked, I decided to go all in.

Men and the Bullet Journal: An interview | Petite Mélanie An interview with Mark behind the @MenWhoBullet account. Discussing whether there are less men who Bullet Journal than woman. And yes, men DO Bullet Journal!
Beautiful cover page for December by Mark (@MenWhoBullet). While men tend to prefer minimalist-style Bullet Journals, they can still be artistic!

What did you like about the Bullet Journal system?

What I like the most about the Bullet Journal system is how flexible it is. The system itself is built on a core foundation, and I really appreciate the thought that has gone into it. Once you understand how it works, you are able to insert that thought methodology into any style you have. So, if you are really into building out grids and layouts, or exploring with art and design, you can build that on top of the basic system.

For me, I also like the process of writing it down first. Writing a note or a task has always been helpful for me to remember. For about 3 years before I discovered Bullet Journaling, I was a die-hard Evernote user. My problem was that as soon as I finished typing a note, I would save it, and never really go back to it until I needed it – so I never really reviewed my notes or tasks and they would just get lost.

When did you start sharing your Bullet Journal on social media?

I started to share my Bullet Journal on social media as soon as I started my own. I wanted to help inspire anyone who was just starting out, just like myself. Plus, I had a really hard time finding other guys that were Bullet Journaling. It’s not that I needed my style to be “a guy’s bujo”, but what I was seeing online and on Pinterest just wasn’t my style. It wasn’t until I discovered the other minimal Bullet Journals that I found more inspiration. Since then, I have found some of the most amazing artists in this Bullet Journal community. I really respect everyone’s style and approach to their journal, and I have met some of the most amazing people over the past 2 years.

Why do you think more women use the Bullet Journal than men?

This is a question that I have asked myself too, especially as I have been growing my account. I don’t know that I believe that more women use the system over men, but perhaps women are just more open to sharing their work on Instagram or other social media platforms?

Since I was a kid, I feel like I have seen more females keep planners and calendars to track events and tasks. In high school, I don’t feel like I ever saw a lot of guys keep one. Even when I worked at the Container Store for a while, I definitely sold more planners and planner inserts to females. I never really thought to ask them about it at the time, but now I wish I would have inquired more about what drew them to planning this way, and especially asked more of the men about it too.

In my full-time job, we focus a lot on testing, and research, so I tend to stay away from making any assumptions about anything I don’t have facts to back up, but I have some hypothesis based off of what I have seen over my lifetime. I think that perhaps it’s just the way certain people’s minds work, and maybe we just see more of the marketing for planners to females? Ha, it’s not really an answer, but just some observations.

Do you know other men who use a Bullet Journal? In your family, group of friends or at work?

I get this question a lot, and I wish that I could say that I know a lot of other guys who Bullet Journal, but of all my friends and co-workers, I only know one other guy who Bullet Journals. There may be other guys who bullet journal, but they aren’t letting me know.

Men and the Bullet Journal: An interview | Petite Mélanie An interview with Mark behind the @MenWhoBullet account. Discussing whether there are less men who Bullet Journal than woman. And yes, men DO Bullet Journal!
Simple, yet elegant Weekly Log by Mark (@MenWhoBullet). I especially like the Monthly review at the bottom of the page, as it was the last week of November.

What would you say to men who are hesitating to start a Bullet Journal?

I think that other guys may be hesitant to start Bullet Journaling because when you do your initial search online, you see Ryder’s website first, and then when you begin to scroll and see others blog posts and images – and those tend to be more of the creative journals.

Like I mentioned before, I have nothing but the utmost respect for everyone’s style, especially the creative and artistic journals, but the reality of Instagram and the internet is that journals that are going to get shared online the most are ones that look really organized, colorful, and exciting. No hate to anyone who sticks to the basics, but it’s not the most visually inspiring thing to look at.

I’ve been trying to do what I can, as one guy, to show different ways to approach a Bullet Journal. Not that my way is the best, or only for guys, but being a guy who started knowing nothing at all about Bullet Journaling, I know that it can be really intimidating to see some of these amazing spreads and think that there is no way I can start off doing that plus learn about how to prioritize and organize notes and tasks. That’s why I always tell anyone who is starting off with Bullet Journaling to go to Ryder’s website first, watch and read about the system there, and start with the core. My mantra has always been, start with the basics and build from there.

I’ll also add that I think another reason might be that there are not as many guys talking about or showing their work online. When I started, I knew that I wanted to uncover more guys who are into Bullet Journal and Planning, and it’s the main reason I started the #MenWhoBullet hashtag. I love discovering other guys in this community who have picked it up and started using it themselves. For me, it’s my number one way of finding other guys in the community.

And there you have it! Maybe men are simply shyer at sharing their Bullet Journals online?

In any case, men DO Bullet Journal. If you have a boyfriend, brother, friend who seems to be hesitating to start a Bullet Journal because they think it’s a “girl thing”, show them how wrong they are! Encourage them to share their creations online, using Mark’s hashtag #MenWhoBullet.

Like everything else, men and women use the Bullet Journal differently. It doesn’t mean that one sex uses it or should share it less than the other.

Do you agree with Mark’s point of view? Do you know a guy who uses a Bullet Journal? Or are you one yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time!

P.S.: If you want to check out how I planned the New Year and January in my new Bullet Journal, it’s through this link. 😉

You can find Mark here:

Men and the Bullet Journal: An interview | Petite Mélanie An interview with Mark behind the @MenWhoBullet account. Discussing whether there are less men who Bullet Journal than woman. And yes, men DO Bullet Journal!


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