Plan with me: June 2018 in my Bullet Journal

plan with me june bullet journal

Welcome to this second edition of “Plan with me” in my Bullet Journal. I will be showing you my preparation for the month of June 2018. This month, I have decided to add two new pages to my usual monthly planning. I want to try something new and I feel like the beginning of the summer is the perfect moment. Without further ado, here’s my monthly planning for the month of June 2018 in my Bullet Journal. Disclaimer: this page contains affiliate links. If you buy through them, I make a small profit, at no extra charge to you. The …

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100 books to read in a lifetime : my Goodreads challenge

goodreads 100 books to read in a lifetime

Today I stray from my usual topic, the Bullet Journal, to talk about my second passion in life, books. More precisely, I want to present you the list of 100 books you must read in your lifetime, from Goodreads. But first, do you know the website Goodreads? (By the way, this post is not sponsored by Goodreads) I, myself, have only recently discovered this website, and I really don’t understand how come I didn’t know about it. Goodreads is a social media for people who like to read (Hello!). What is Goodreads? On the website, you can loom through book …

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Rome : Traveling Bullet Journal, Vol. 2

rome traveling Bullet Journal

Ah, vacation. What better feeling than to be on vacation. You may be going away on a trip or simply enjoy a nice time comfortably at home: either way, being on vacation is a well-deserved break. But going away on vacation can bring in its load of stress, even when said vacation is supposed to be relaxing. Planning a trip, as well the preparations to do just before the trip often require a lot of time and effort. And this preparation is important! Where we’re going, how we’re getting there, where we’re going to live, what we’re going to do …

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Top 10 best collections to have in your Bullet Journal

top 10 meilleures collections bullet journal

One of the things I like the most in my Bullet Journal are the collections. I love making lists, about anything, so to be able to include my collections throughout my everyday planner is like a dream come true (I’m not even exaggerating that much). Obviously, everyone is unique, and we don’t have the same taste for the collections we want to include in our Bullet Journal. Still, I came up with a list, that I think are the most popular and most useful collections to have in your Bullet Journal. If you are still unsure about what collections are, …

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How to organize your spring cleaning in your Bullet Journal

Spring is officially here: days are getting longer, the temperature is heading upwards and the snow is slowly melting. Of course, you know what this means: it’s time to do your spring cleaning! For some, spring cleaning is not necessary: their home is already maintained due to their thorough cleaning every month, and even, every week. For those people, spring cleaning can be the time to, for example, pull out their outdoor summer appliances (for those of us living in four-season countries) or stow away winter clothing until next fall. Otherwise, their spring cleaning is pretty much the usual cleaning. …

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announcement petite melanie

Hello! You might have noticed there’s been a few changes around here recently. To let you know what’s going on, I decided to write this announcement. About those changes… I’ve decided to change the name of my blog, for many reasons. Firstly, I wanted to expand my horizons, a little bit. The name Bullet Journal Qc did not really allow me to talk about anything else except the Bullet Journal. Don’t misunderstand me, I will continue to show you ideas and tips on how to better organize yourself with your Bullet Journal. However, occasionally, I will review a book and …

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Lookback at one year in my Bullet Journal

It has already been one year. One year since I started using a Bullet Journal, that I adopted this organisational system that keeps on getting more popular by the second. Indeed, on March 9th, 2017, I started my first Bullet Journal, and since then, I am hooked. In one year, I have thus filled up two Leuchtturm1917 journals and I have two more waiting to be opened. Many things have changed in a year, including my supplies, the pages that I include in my Bullet Journal, my page set up, etc.   Note: this article contains affiliated links. That means …

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Plan with me: March 2018 in my Bullet Journal

Welcome to this first edition of “ Plan with me ”, which will feature the month of March 2018. “ Plan with me ” articles are used to lay out one’s monthly planning setup and to explain it. A lot of Bullet Journal bloggers out there use this concept to share their monthly planning, in the hopes of inspiring and helping others plan better. For example, I love to watch Boho Berry’s Plan With Me videos over on her YouTube channel, they are amazing. Planning out your month is really important in the Bullet Journal system: indeed, to be more …

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Collections in your Bullet Journal: what are they?

So, you’ve started your new Bullet Journal. You did the basics first: you’ve included an index, a Future log, a Monthly log, and your Daily logs, all the things you need to be on your way to a more organized life. But the Bullet Journal isn’t used only as an agenda. Come into play: collections. Collections: what are they? Collections are not part of the usual daily planning: however, they can add to it nicely. Collections are unique entries, on a separate page, to write down and follow a project or a long-term goal. They are, for example, to-do lists …

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How the Bullet Journal changed my life

When I stumbled up the Bullet Journal and its system, it changed my life. I had always loved making lists, and planners, and so I found a new passion. One day, I was just mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I came upon a video showing a simplified version of the Bullet Journal. I did some more research and that’s how I discovered the Bullet Journal, the system and the community. I was immediately enchanted. Without further ado, here are the different ways the Bullet Journal changed my life. 1. Better organization That goes without saying: a Bullet Journal …

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