Plan with me: March 2018 in my Bullet Journal

Welcome to this first edition of “ Plan with me ”, which will feature the month of March 2018.

“ Plan with me ” articles are used to lay out one’s monthly planning setup and to explain it. A lot of Bullet Journal bloggers out there use this concept to share their monthly planning, in the hopes of inspiring and helping others plan better. For example, I love to watch Boho Berry’s Plan With Me videos over on her YouTube channel, they are amazing.

Planning out your month is really important in the Bullet Journal system: indeed, to be more organized, it is necessary to plan long term as well as short term.

Without further ado, here is my “ Plan with me ” for the month of March.

The Monthly log

On the first page on the left, I begin my planning of the month with my Monthly log. I write down the events I have planned for the month. I use a vertical disposition, where I write down the date et the day of the week in one column. This month, I decided to use two columns to write down what I have planned: one column work related (shifts, overtime, etc.) and the other column for anything else (personal, appointments, etc.).

The page on the right features various information: they are things I like to note on a monthly basis. For example, I like to record the number of followers I have on Instagram at the beginning and the end of the month, the number of visitors on my blog during the month, the books I have read, and the songs I have listened to during the month, a.k.a. my playlist. There is also a square I called “Next Month” that I use to write down things I want to remember, and maybe migrate, for the following month.

The habit tracker

The next page contains my habit tracker. These habits are things I want to do every day, or at the least, as often as possible. Basically, they are good habits I am trying to maintain. As such, this table is a good way to figure out if I am dedicated to those good habits throughout the month. I invite you to check out my Instagram account at the end of the month to see it filled out.

At the bottom of the table, I keep track of my sleep hours. I am the kind of person that needs at least 8 hours of sleep per night to be functional, so I like to keep track of my sleeping times in my Bullet Journal.

Instagram post schedule

instagram post schedule

On the page opposite of my habit tracker, I write down my Instagram post schedule. I write what picture I post on Instagram, on the date I post them. On the right-most column, I record the reactions they got from my followers a few days after the publication, meaning the “likes” and the comments.

Groceries and bills

The fifth page holds my grocery spending tracker and my bills tracker. This page is a bit like my monthly budget for the things I find most important.

Chores to do

The last page of my monthly planning, before I start my weekly and daily planning, is the chores I have to do. There was a time when I would re-write every chore every week (since most chores are due on a weekly basis), but eventually, I grew tired of it and decided to write them once per month. As such, I came up with this table: when a task is done, I put an “X” in the column of the corresponding week. Some tasks need to be done every week, while others, only once a month, and so I found a way to have them all at the same place.

End word

That was it for my monthly planning for the month of March! For those that follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that it is quite similar to my planning for February, except for the Monthly log. Indeed, for now, this setup satisfies me, and I have thus not made many changes.

Let me know in the comments what you think! ?

Till next time !



If you are new to the Bullet Journal, click here to read my articles on how to get started for beginners.

plan with me march 2018 bullet journal


  1. Rosie says:

    I love your planners they are very useful. I am a procrastinator so I really like the habit tracker, I need to get in the habit of making one to keep myself on track and motivated. When I don’t plan out what I am going to do I end up on sites that keep me from finishing my own work.

    1. I know I am the same. My Bullet Journal is actually holding me accountable, in a way. 😛

  2. I have been so tempted to get a bullet journal, but haven’t made the jump yet. i KNOW that my pages would not be this cute! Lol.

    1. They don’t need to be cute, they need to get you to “get shit done”. haha but thank you ! 😀

  3. Dawn Keller says:

    Love the details that you give. I’m going to try this for April. Also following you on IG.

    1. Thank you Dawn 🙂

  4. Blessed Mess says:

    I feel like having something like this would help me, however I also feel I will get overwhelmed by trying to make up the journal and still actually do the things it’s supposed to help me do! (Background, I have Lupus, therefore need organization, yet have limited energy, mentally and physically). Any suggestions?

    1. I would suggest to start with a Minimalist Bullet Journal in mind, that way you won’t have too much of a time-consuming Bullet Journal to set up. Just very simple spreads, like the Monthly page just the column with the dates and your events; then your dailies, just the date and the tasks you want to do (don’t set too many, it’s sometimes not realistic to plan so many things to do). And a day you don’t feel up for it all, just skip it! It’s YOUR BuJo after all. Hope that gives you some ideas 🙂

  5. Planner goals right here!!!!!

    1. Thank you ! 😀

  6. Natalie says:

    I bought a bullet journal but haven’t gotten going with it yet–this post inspires me to break it out and get started!

    1. Awesome ! Glad I could get you to start ! 😀

  7. loraine says:

    You are very artistic! Nice work.

    1. Thank you so much ! 🙂

  8. Meghan says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing! Your handwriting is beautiful!!

    1. Thank you ! 🙂

  9. PiratePrincessMommy says:

    I love that this lays out exactly what to do! I also love that it is on paper – I have a hard time concentrating on my planner/calendar when it is digital.

    1. Yes, I am the same. I have a calendar app on my phone that I barely use ! 🙂

  10. Heather says:

    I love this! Your pages are so beautiful and organized. I wish I could draw!

    1. Thank you so much ! I work hard on it, so it means a lot 🙂

  11. Linda says:

    I love this! I feel being organized is so important and when we fail to plan, it’s as good as planning to fail. (I even wrote a blog post about it a few posts ago). Taking a bit of time to think things through and be organized saves so much time down the road.

    1. It really does ! 🙂 Plus I’m so scatterbrained, that it really helps me focus.
      I focus on not forgetting and I write everything down !

  12. Kim says:

    So do you do all that work free hand or is there a template that you leverage?

    1. In this spread, I only use a ruler and my hand! 🙂

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