Review: Leuchtturm1917 2019 Monthly Planner with Notebook

Plan With Me: My planners for 2019 | Petite Mélanie My planners for the year 2019. My Bullet Journal, my blog planner, my journal Some Lines a day. These are the planners I will be using to stay organized and keep on top of my game in 2019.

Those who read this blog know that my Bullet Journal notebook has always been a Leuchtturm1917, ever since I started Bullet Journaling. I love these notebooks, and while I’m not saying I will never try another brand of notebooks, for now I am content and have no plans to change in the near future.

Earlier this summer, the Canadian branch of Leuchtturm1917 nicely sent over their 2019 Monthly planner with notebook. This post is my opinion of this monthly planner by Leuchtturm1917. Please note that although I received this product for free, I am not being paid for this post and you only get my honest opinion on this notebook.

monthly planner leuchtturm1917 review
The 2019 Monthly planner with notebook is a size B5 (176 x 250 mm), while my Bullet Journal is a size A5 (148 x 210 mm). Illustrated here is the size difference between the two.

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Here is my review of the 2019 Monthly Planner with Notebook by Leuchtturm1917!

The specs

 Firstly, here are some important details about this planner:

  • Size: B5, 17,8 cm x 25,4 cm
  • Cover: Soft
  • Paper: 80g
  • Includes 2 bookmarks and a foldable back pocket

The monthly planner with notebook includes, like its name foretells, two parts: the first part is the monthly planner, and the second part is the notebook part, which is a hundred-some blank, dotted pages.

The monthly planner part includes, in the actual order:

  • 3 overview pages of 2018, 2019 and 2020
  • 8 pages that I call “Future Log” or sometimes “Calendex” (see picture below). They range from July 2018 to June 2020.
  • 2 pages of the international public holidays
  • 4 pages for project planning
  • 16 monthly calendar pages, from November 2018 to February 2020.
monthly planner leuchtturm1917 review
The pages I call “Future Log” or “Calendex”. I use these pages to plan my Social Media posts: I write down when I post on my Facebook page, Instagram, when I send an E-mail to my subscribers and when I publish a new post.

Then, the notebook part includes:

  • An index, separating the two parts
  • 136 dotted pages, numbered
leuchtturm1917 monthly planner review
The notebook part: 136 numbered and dotted pages, perfect to jot down your collections.

My review

Although I received this monthly planner this summer, I didn’t really start using it until October, since the monthly planner part began in November 2018.

But now that I’ve been using it for a few weeks, I can’t use it enough! It has become a very important tool for me: it has become my blog planner.

Of course, I have not given up my loyal Bullet Journal. I now use my Bullet Journal for my daily life, my tasks and chores to do, my work schedule, my collections and lists of books to read and TV shows to watch.

But for planning my blog, I use my monthly planner as an editorial calendar. Also, I use the notebook part to write down ideas for blog posts, notes I want to remember, the passwords of all the programs and websites I use for my blog, etc. Not having to draw monthly calendars for my editorial calendar really saves me a lot of time.

So, yes, I love this monthly planner with notebook! I love the idea, of being able to dab into Bullet Journaling but with having monthly calendars already drawn. It’s ideal for those who like the calendar look more than the typical Monthly Log, as invented by M. Ryder Carroll.

I also really like the B5 size, bigger than my Bullet Journal’s size, which is A5. It’s fun having bigger pages for certain collections.

leuchtturm1917 monthly planner review
The Project planning pages. Before I even started using the Monthly Planner, I started using this Porject Planner for my blog. As you can see, my system changed over the course of the first few months. Oops. 🙂

In conclusion

I recommend this monthly planner with notebook, 100%. Mostly, I recommend it to:

  • Those who like the calendar style for their Monthly Log, instead of the typical Bullet Journal-style Monthly Log
  • Those who want to start a Bullet Journal but are hesitating due to a lack of time. This monthly planner will allow you to start playing around with the Bullet Journal system in the notebook part, while saving some time on the monthly planner part.
  • Those who have a blog. Are you looking for a paper blog planner? This monthly planner with notebook is just perfect: it’s a great fit to be an editorial calendar and also somewhere you can write down your future ideas.
leuchtturm1917 monthly planner review
Here’s a monthly calendar page. I wrote down my work shifts as well as my blog posts to be published.

To buy this Monthly planner with Notebook, visit the Leuchtturm1917 website here. Or via Amazon, here.

What do you think? Are you thinking about getting this monthly planner with notebook? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!

monthly planner leuchtturm1917 review

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