Rome : Traveling Bullet Journal, Vol. 2

rome traveling Bullet Journal

Ah, vacation. What better feeling than to be on vacation. You may be going away on a trip or simply enjoy a nice time comfortably at home: either way, being on vacation is a well-deserved break.

But going away on vacation can bring in its load of stress, even when said vacation is supposed to be relaxing. Planning a trip, as well the preparations to do just before the trip often require a lot of time and effort. And this preparation is important! Where we’re going, how we’re getting there, where we’re going to live, what we’re going to do every day there, etc., all these questions need to be answered by the time we are leaving for our vacation, or at least, most of them.

In order to properly plan my recent trip to Rome, Italy, I obviously made use of my faithful Bullet Journal (I bet you saw me coming). In this article, I will show you my preparation process, in the hope that it will one day help you plan out your own vacation. I even have a little surprise for you at the end!

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Step 1 : mind-mapping

I began by doing what is called a “mind-map”, a chart which consists of developing upon a central idea in different directions, then developing further on the “branches” from the secondary topics. I decided to start with this process because I really wanted to lay it all down. I practically “vomited” everything I had in mind on the page.

Here’s what my mind map of my trip to Rome looked like.

mind map rome italy
My mind-map of my trip to Rome, Italy.
closer zoom mind map rome
A closer look at my mind-map for my trip to Rome.

Step 2 : the Master to-do list

Thanks to the previous step, I easily figured out what needed to be done before our departure. As such, on the next page, I created a “master” to-do list. It’s simple, really: all I did was write down every single thing that we had to take care of before we left. I often referred back to it to check on my progression and to determine what I had to do next.

Step 3 : things to do in Rome

Third step, a bit of trip planning. As such, I visited TripAdvisor for suggestions and advice from people who had previously visited Rome. I looked through the “Top things to do in Rome” list, still on TripAdvisor, and picked out those that interested me personally. I wrote them down in my Bullet Journal as the “List of things to do in Rome”. Then, I grabbed my [amazon_textlink asin=’B00MTIGBT0′ text=’Zebra Mildliners’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bulletjourn06-20′ marketplace=’CA’ link_id=’0982775f-57a7-11e8-81fa-051b915998a1′], and with the help of a map of the city, I highlighted the places that were near each other, using a color code, to plan our moves.

Here’s the page of the Master to-do list, as well as the list of “Things to do in Rome”.

to-do list things to do
Master to-do list and list of things to do in Rome.

Step 4 : pack the bags

Finally! The last step before our departure! I decided to write two lists, one per luggage. One list was for what I was going to pack in my luggage and my purse, and the other, for what my boyfriend would be packing in his bag and backpack. We were each “responsible” for different things : for exemple, I had to make sure I had both passports while he had to take care of packing our GoPro camera.

Here’s my Packing checklist!

packing list checklist luggage
List of things to pack in our luggage.

Step 5 : lookback on the trip

I completed this last step once we came back home. While we were away, every day, I would take note of everything we did and visited. However, I wrote them in the notes app on my phone, as throughout the whole trip, I didn’t have time to sit down and journal (wow!).

So, here’s the spread I did in my Bullet Journal when we got home: a lookback at our trip! I wrote what we did each day, plus some fun details. I also wrote down what the weather was like that day. This page will really help me remember my trip to Rome, in a few years.

itinerary rome weather
The itinerary of our trip to Rome. What we did each day, as well as the temperature.

And this is how I planned my trip to Rome in my Bullet Journal!


I’m leaving you with a little surprise, as promised! The video of our trip, filmed with our GoPro Hero 2018. For those of you that want to go to Rome one day, this will give you a preview! 😉

Do you use other tools to plan out your trips? Any suggestions of Bullet Journal spread that could help someone plan their vacation? If you have any, share them in the comments!

‘Till next time and bon voyage! 😉


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  1. Very nice post!!! I enjoyed reading your blog!!!

  2. Love this! Your bullet journal looks so sweet! Such a great way to journal.
    <3 Brooklyn |

  3. Karie says:

    Never thought organizing it this way. I really like it. It’s so simple and well laid out.

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