Simple and easy Bullet Journal Weekly spread ideas

Need inspiration to plan your week in your Bullet Journal? Here are some simple and easy Bullet Journal Weekly spread ideas for you to get organized!

Maybe you’re like me, and you like to plan your weeks in a Bullet Journal in a “Weekly log”. The Weekly log isn’t technically in the original Bullet Journal method but it has been widely used and is very popular. In the Bullet Journal method, the Daily log is used for the day-to-day planning where the user writes out every day individually (without setting up in advance).

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Personally, what I consider a “Weekly log” is a one or two-page spread which includes all seven days of the week, which you’ve already set up, for the most part. I find it’s what works best for me!

And if you’re here, it might be because it’s what works best for you as well!

Without further ado, here are 8 simple and easy Bullet Journal Weekly spread ideas!

Weekly spread idea #1

bullet journal horizontal spread

This is a very classic Weekly spread that I’ve been using a lot throughout the 3 years or so I’ve been Bullet Journaling.

I love just using the center part of the pages as my daily to-do lists and events and the outside part of the pages as extra notes or to-do lists. I like having a place for my dailies and then a place to write down other important tasks or notes.

Plus, it’s SUPER easy to set up! You just draw a line depending how wide you want your column. Then, you put your important information in that column. For example, I like having a mini calendar to have an overview of the month, but you can write down whatever is important to you.

Then, in the center, you write down the date and the day and you start planning! That’s it!

Weekly spread idea #2 & #3

bullet journal columns

This is another Weekly spread that I’ve used often ever since I started Bullet Journaling.

It reminds me of typical planners, with a column for each day.

Except in this case, I can use the space on the page however I want to! In normal agendas, you might not have any extra space to write down other information, such as what you’re currently watching, or reading, etc.

I sometimes like to keep a weekly Habit Tracker and having some leftover space is very useful for that!

bullet journal columns

This is another way to use columns in the Weekly log.

I’ve only ever used this spread when I had a very busy week. Since I didn’t have time to keep up with a Daily to-do list, I simply wrote down my events or appointments and important notes.

This is a very quick and easy spread!

Weekly spread idea #4 & #5

bullet journal weekly log

Another Weekly spread idea which is fairly popular is to draw each day as a box.

In this case (image above), I made 6 boxes, where one of them stood for both weekend days.

It was a really easy spread to set up: I simply split the pages in 4 quarters and drew boxes in each of the quarters. The top left quarter I left mostly empty, except for writing the week number. In other weeks, I’ve used the top left quarter to write a Weekly to-do list or important notes.

bullet journal weekly log

This particular spread takes a little longer to set up but the result is so aesthetic!

You have to draw 8 separate boxes, seven for the days of the week where you write, and one bigger box for the To-do list.

Weekly spread idea #6 & #7

Two weeks on two pages is another spread idea I like to use when I have a really busy week! Those weeks, I probably don’t have time to keep up with daily to-do lists.

I simply write down my appointments or events, and tasks that REALLY need to get done on a specific day.

A different take on the two-weeks-on-a-double-page spread.

I love switching it up a bit, while still keeping it simple and easy to create. Just need a ruler, a black pen and mildliners (I actually used THESE), and you’re set!

You could also use this layout to write down your events and use the other page for a to-do list.

Weekly spread idea #8

dify stickers bullet journal

Now this is probably the easiest Weekly spread idea of this post!

These are beautiful, eco-mindful full-page stickers by DIFY. You simply stick them in your Bullet Journal and you’re ready to get planning!

They offer many different designs and spreads, and you can check them out right here!

They are so easy to use and I loved the colors! I feel like they would be perfect for when you simply don’t have much time to set up your Bullet Journal or when you don’t feel inspired.

——-> Check out more stickers by DIFY on their website right here!

That’s it! That was 8 simple and easy Bullet Journal Weekly spread ideas!

I’ve used and tried all of these layouts at different times since starting my first Bullet Journal.

I hope these inspire you to try simple and minimalist Weekly spreads in your Bullet Journal.

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Until next time!



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