Men and the Bullet Journal: An interview

Men and the Bullet Journal: An interview | Petite Mélanie An interview with Mark behind the @MenWhoBullet account. Discussing whether there are less men who Bullet Journal than woman. And yes, men DO Bullet Journal!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t often come across men who use a Bullet Journal. Let’s face it, the Bullet Journal online community is mainly dominated by the other sex. Which is surprising, because when you think about it, the Bullet Journal was invented by a man. Yet, it seems like men who Bullet Journal are rare creatures. There could be many reasons explaining this. To get better insight, I thought I would ask a man. Here’s an interview with Mark Figueiredo, the man behind the Instagram account @MenWhoBullet. Hey there! First, tell us a bit about yourself. …

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