The Bullet Journal Method Collector’s set: Unboxing and Review

bullet journal method review unboxing

The Bullet Journal Method par Ryder Carroll Author: Ryder Carroll Publisher: Portfolio Release date: October 23rd, 2018 Pages: 320 (Hardcover) Language: English Genre: Self-help My rating: ★★★★★ Opening words Welcome to this review of The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll. Many of you have asked me what I think of this book, and most importantly, if it’s worth buying for those of us who have been using the Bullet Journal system for a while now, or if it’s more of a guide for beginners. I will try to answer this question here, and more, so keep on reading! The Collector’s …

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Plan With Me: November 2018 in my Bullet Journal + NaNoWriMo

plan with me november nanowrimo

November is right around the corner: Christmas decorations are being displayed in stores and Halloween candy is on sale. As such, it was high time I got my Bullet Journal ready for the month of November! As it has been a few months since I last showed you my planning for the month in my Bullet Journal, I thought it would be a good time to write a new Plan With Me. Thus, here’s the 3rd edition of Plan With Me: November 2018 in my Bullet Journal! Plus, I decided to do something special this month: I decided to participate …

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Bullet Journaling for students, Part 1: Planning the semester

bullet journaling students

Today, I am writing to the students out there and all those who are in a learning process. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but school is right around the corner again. For students, August quickly changes to September, and off to school they go. But don’t worry! I have some tips and tricks for you to start the semester on the right track (the organized track), with the help of your Bullet Journal, Student Edition. I, myself, am currently not attending school, but back when I was, I used a regular school-year-type planner to organize …

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The 2-minute Bullet Journal for busy people

A few months ago, on my Facebook page, I created a survey where I asked questions about the Bullet Journal. As one of these questions, I asked those that had not yet started a Bullet Journal, what was stopping them? Why hadn’t they started a Bullet Journal yet? One of the most popular answer was: they didn’t have the time to. I paused to think about this answer for a moment. Is the Bullet Journal taking up a lot of my time? The answer: yes and no. Yes, because I like to come up with different styles for my pages, …

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The ultimate beginner’s kit for starting a Bullet Journal – at a small price!

When I started using a Bullet Journal, I would have loved to have someone tell me what to buy. I’m joking, of course! (Kinda) But, still, at the beginning, I didn’t know what was what when it was time to buy supplies for Bullet Journaling. I wish there had been a guide on how to build your beginner’s kit! There are so many paper shops out there, and so many different styles and art forms, that it is difficult to buy everything needed for your new Bullet Journal in one visit to the store. It is also impossible to come …

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Plan with me: June 2018 in my Bullet Journal

plan with me june bullet journal

Welcome to this second edition of “Plan with me” in my Bullet Journal. I will be showing you my preparation for the month of June 2018. This month, I have decided to add two new pages to my usual monthly planning. I want to try something new and I feel like the beginning of the summer is the perfect moment. Without further ado, here’s my monthly planning for the month of June 2018 in my Bullet Journal. Disclaimer: this page contains affiliate links. If you buy through them, I make a small profit, at no extra charge to you. The …

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Lookback at one year in my Bullet Journal

It has already been one year. One year since I started using a Bullet Journal, that I adopted this organisational system that keeps on getting more popular by the second. Indeed, on March 9th, 2017, I started my first Bullet Journal, and since then, I am hooked. In one year, I have thus filled up two Leuchtturm1917 journals and I have two more waiting to be opened. Many things have changed in a year, including my supplies, the pages that I include in my Bullet Journal, my page set up, etc.   Note: this article contains affiliated links. That means …

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Plan with me: March 2018 in my Bullet Journal

Welcome to this first edition of “ Plan with me ”, which will feature the month of March 2018. “ Plan with me ” articles are used to lay out one’s monthly planning setup and to explain it. A lot of Bullet Journal bloggers out there use this concept to share their monthly planning, in the hopes of inspiring and helping others plan better. For example, I love to watch Boho Berry’s Plan With Me videos over on her YouTube channel, they are amazing. Planning out your month is really important in the Bullet Journal system: indeed, to be more …

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Collections in your Bullet Journal: what are they?

So, you’ve started your new Bullet Journal. You did the basics first: you’ve included an index, a Future log, a Monthly log, and your Daily logs, all the things you need to be on your way to a more organized life. But the Bullet Journal isn’t used only as an agenda. Come into play: collections. Collections: what are they? Collections are not part of the usual daily planning: however, they can add to it nicely. Collections are unique entries, on a separate page, to write down and follow a project or a long-term goal. They are, for example, to-do lists …

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How the Bullet Journal changed my life

When I stumbled up the Bullet Journal and its system, it changed my life. I had always loved making lists, and planners, and so I found a new passion. One day, I was just mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I came upon a video showing a simplified version of the Bullet Journal. I did some more research and that’s how I discovered the Bullet Journal, the system and the community. I was immediately enchanted. Without further ado, here are the different ways the Bullet Journal changed my life. 1. Better organization That goes without saying: a Bullet Journal …

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