Top 10 best collections to have in your Bullet Journal

top 10 meilleures collections bullet journal

One of the things I like the most in my Bullet Journal are the collections. I love making lists, about anything, so to be able to include my collections throughout my everyday planner is like a dream come true (I’m not even exaggerating that much).

Obviously, everyone is unique, and we don’t have the same taste for the collections we want to include in our Bullet Journal. Still, I came up with a list, that I think are the most popular and most useful collections to have in your Bullet Journal.

If you are still unsure about what collections are, I have written an article about it here.

Without further ado, here’s the Top 10 best collections to have in your Bullet Journal.

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10. Movies to watch

Have you ever told yourself “I want to watch that movie!” and later in the day, you had completely forgotten what movie it was. Or else, you sit down for a quiet night in, watching a movie, but have no idea what movie to watch when you need it. If yes, here’s the collection for you (and me)!

movies to watch creative
Creative list of movies to watch. Source: Instagram @didypanpie.

9. Sleep tracker

For those that like to keep track of their night sleep! I am the kind of person that need at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep per night to be functional the next day. Therefore, I like to keep track of the amount of sleep I got.

Sleep tracker boho berry
Sleep tracker by Boho Berry. Source: Instagram @bohoberry

8. Gratitude log

A page to write down what we are grateful for, every day. I don’t have one in my Bullet Journal yet, but I really like the idea. I intend to make one at some point.

gratitude log
Gratitude log, to write down what we are thankful for every day. Source: Instagram @bohoberry

7. Usernames and passwords

For me, this page is really useful. I have so many passwords to remember, for work and personal, that I simply cannot remember them all. However, this collection poses certain risks if someone with bad intentions gets access to all your usernames and passwords in your Bullet Journal. Personally, my Bullet Journal never leaves my home, or barely. In any case, be careful if you intend to do this collection.

password username tracker collections
My username & passwords tracker, march 2018.

6. Health tracker / medication tracker

This page can be useful if you take medication on a regular basis or are following a treatment that involves medication for a few days. You could, for example, do a calendar and write down when you take your meds, at what time, how often, etc.

health tracker table collections
A table to check if a healthy action has been taken. For example: take a pill, workout, etc. Source: Instagram @mashaplans.

5. Trip planning

If you are going away on vacation anytime soon, the Bullet Journal is the perfect tool to help you plan out your trip. It can help you even before you purchase your plane tickets, as you can write up a savings plan and a budget, or just before you leave, where you can create a list of the things you need to pack in your bags. You can also plan out the places you want to see and the activities you want to do in your trip in your Bullet Journal.

mind map trip rome plan
Mind map of my trip planning to Rome.

4. Workout / Weight loss tracker

A collection for those that like to workout and write down their progress. Simultaneously, can also be used to keep track of weight loss, and to write down our goals and challenges to ourselves.

table weight loss
Table tracking weight loss. Source: Instagram @my_blue_sky_design.

3. TV series tracker

Am I the only one that never remembers what episode I’m at? When we are watching a good TV show, elsewhere than on Netflix (which keeps track of our progress), it is easy to watch a few episodes in one sitting, and the next time, not remember which episode we’re supposed to watch. This collection is useful to me: however, it’s important that I don’t forget to write down which episodes I’ve just watched.

TV shows tracker
My TV shows tracker.

2. Habit tracker

Apparently, to develop a good habit, you need to take it on for at least 30 days. Then, it becomes automatic, a habit. As such, a habit tracker allows you to keep track of those actions you want to have become a good habit. Or also, to know at which frequency you accomplish them.

habit tracker month
Habit tracker for one month. Source: Instagram @planwithady

1. List of books to read

I cannot live without that collection. I read a lot, and the more I read, the more I find new books I want to read. Basically, my list of books I have to read keeps growing: I have to write them down in my Bullet Journal. For those that read a lot like me, this list can also be useful to find ideas for the next book to read. I also like to write down what book I read, and when.

List of books to read
My list of books to read.

So there it was, my Top 10 best collections to have in your Bullet Journal!

As a bonus, here are more collection ideas for your Bullet Journal, that are popular, or that I also found to be very good ideas:

  • Online order tracker
  • Mood tracker
  • Playlist/songs of the moment
  • Period tracker
  • Seasonal cleaning
  • Your website/blog stats

Are there any other collections you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below!

You are brand new to Bullet Journaling? Check out my guide on How to start a Bullet Journal for beginners!

‘Till next time!



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  1. I love these journal strategies! List making is simple, effective, and easy to maintain on a consistent basis. My children love journaling too! This gives me several great ideas to inspire them in their pursuit of special interests. For example, my 13 year old son is our resident movie expert. He’d love the movie bullet journal to track his annual plan for upcoming movies. Thanks for an awesome post with plenty of inspirations for the new year.

  2. Marieke says:

    Nice post 🙂

  3. Ahh these are amazing and I seriously want to do more of them! I basically only track the books I’ve read + books upcoming, but there’s so many other things that would be useful?! I’d definitely like to track TV series.? I don’t watch a lot but I always forget where I’m up to haha. Also these photos are so pretty!

    1. Thank you so much! haha yeah my problem exactly for TV shows! I don’t watch them often, but when I do, I first have to figure out where I was in the season. 😛

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