Toronto: Traveling Bullet Journal #1

Have you ever had to travel for work? Perhaps you must travel for business often: how do you get ready for it?

Traveling for work sometimes allows to mix work and pleasure. At the end of the work day, we occasionally have some free time to visit the new and unknown city, especially when our business trip is a couple days long. And even if it’s a city we’ve visited in the past, those couple of days are still a change from our every day life. Perhaps you’ll get to enjoy that new restaurant that doesn’t have a location in your city. Or maybe you’ll grab a coffee with that friend you haven’t seen in a long time?

I had to travel to Toronto for work back in October. Here’s how I got ready, with the help of my Bullet Journal, of course!

1. Write down the important information

As I was traveling for business, I was not responsible for my hotel reservation, my flights, etc. However, I was responsible to get to my destination on time.

As such, it was important to properly write down the information my employer provided: the exact dates and time for my training, the departure time of my flights and the name of the hotel where I would be staying.

2. Get ready with a pre-departure checklist

To make sure I was leaving with a peace of mind, I had prepared a pre-departure checklist for the things I had to do before I left. I had some forms to fill out for work, validate my work hours before and after my trip with my boss, etc.

3. Pack your bags with a packing list

Obviously, I made a packing list to make sure I didn’t forget to bring anything!


4. Some places to go

Now, time to mix work and pleasure. In order to already have some ideas of what to do on my free nights, I made a list of places and restaurants I’d like to go to during my trip. Since I only had a couple of nights to myself, I wanted to already know a bit where I was going.

5. In retrospect…

Finally, I conclude my pages in my Bullet Journal with a look back on my days during my trip, as well as my favorite moments and my regrets.

Here’s how it looked like in my Bullet Journal:

For the travelers…

When I was younger, I lived a couple of years in the suburbs, or the GTA, of Toronto (Oakville): I have therefore visited downtown Toronto plenty of times. I love this city full of life and activities to do. As such, I will let you go with a list of my favorite things to do in Toronto for those who would one day like to visit this city. Of course, my recommendations go with my personal taste.

So, here’s my Top 5 things to do in Toronto (and around):

  1. Toronto Island: Perfect place for a bike ride or to enjoy a outdoors lunch with friends and family. There’s a beach around the island, with possibility to go swimming during the hot summer days. The island offers a variety of activities for the whole family, depending on the season.
  2. Casa Loma: A castle in the middle of the city. This one is for the history lovers: Casa Loma is an old manor it is possible to visit with an audio tour.
  3. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada: Beautiful aquarium well located in the center of the city, near Union Station. However, I would recommend going in the evening: the prices go down after a certain time.
  4. Toronto Zoo: Immense Zoo. Fun times for the whole family.
  5. Eaton Center: To conclude your trip with a nice shopping session. Beautiful and big mall, with a great variety of shops and dining.

In conclusion…

Do you have any more tips to get ready for a business trip?

If you have more suggestions on places to visit in Toronto (there are so many), leave them in the comments below for those who are planning a trip there soon.

See you soon !

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